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Venture Rumble

Venture Bros. Icon Rumble

Venture Bros. Rumble
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Welcome to venture_rumble, an icontest inspired by disney_rumble. Credit for this idea goes to chimera_x. But I loved the idea so much, I decided to start a Venture Bros. themed one.

This community is on hiatus until Season 3 starts up, but it WILL be returning, so if you're interested in participating, please stick around.

Credit for the icons in that banner up there goes to me for now. But should this community be successful, I'd like to change it up with winning icons from the community.

The Rundown:
1. Each round will consist of 10 challenges.
2. In order to participate in the challenges you must be signed up, and be a member of this community.
3. Each participant will be allowed to enter ONE icon per challenge.
4. The winners of each challenge will be awarded points (3 for first place, 2 for second place, and 1 for third place).
5. Each participant will receive 1 point for every challenge they enter (this is in addition to points awarded for placing).
6. A maximum of 3 bonus points can be earned for promoting this community. Once sign-ups close, you can no longer earn these points.
7. The person with the most points at the end of 10 rounds will be the winner!
8. Although icon makers will not be disqualified for not entering challenges, if you miss 4 challenges in a row, you will be disqualified. Also, if for some reason you need to drop out, please just comment in any post and let me know :)

1. You must be signed up and a member to Participate, you do NOT have to be signed up or be a member to vote.
2. Anonymous voting is not allowed.
3. PLEASE do not take anyone's icons without permission. When voting is over, if you're interested in snagging any icons, please comment in the winners post, and I will let you know who created it so you can credit.
4. PLEASE credit the original icon maker for any icons snagged from this site. If you don't know who made it, just comment in the post and ask, once the winners are posted.

1. Each challenge will run for one full week.
2. Please create new icons for each challenge. If you submit an icon that you have already used you will be disqualified.
3. Please do not submit icons other people made as your own. We check for this as well.
4. You may enter up to 1 icon per challenge
5. Icons must fit LJ standards: 40kb in size and 100x100 pixels.
6. Please do not your icons anywhere else until voting has closed, if we see the icon somewhere before voting is closed, you will be disqualified.
7. PLEASE read the submission rules for each challenge carefully, as they may change.

1. Voting will last 4 days.
2. Vote for your favorite 3 icons.
3. If you vote for more or less than 3 icons, your vote will not be counted.
4. Voting will not be weighed, each vote will equal one point.
5. DO NOT vote for yourself.
6. Feel free to ask your friends to vote, but DO NOT ask them to vote for you.
7. The winners of each challenge will be awarded points (3 for first place, 2 for second place, and 1 for third place).
8. If a tie should occur both (or all) participants will receive the points for the place they tied for.
**To prove that you read the rules, please put Go Team Venture somewhere in your comment at the sign up post (the subject line, or anywhere in the comment is fine)**


Unless otherwise specified, you are giving us permission to post your icons (under comment/credit guidelines) as promotion in other communities and allowing people to use your icons. If you do not want us to use your icons, please just let us know and we will not.

Here's a few other Venture Bros comms to check out:

Promo Buttons:
Complete with codes, for easy copy/pasting. PLEASE feel free to use them!

If you want to affiliate with us, please comment here!